If you are seeking a private Christian Academy for your child/ren to attend.  Please feel free to contact one of the Administrators or Pastor Glenn Keen.
Alberta Coleman - Administrator Ms. Coleman has been a part of our Christian Academy for over 30 years as a Educator. Her passion and dedication in helping parents educated their children is one of her sincere services to our ministry.

Mrs. Keen has been a part of our Christian Academy for 26 years as an Educator, Secretary and Scholarship Program Director. She uses her gift to better the everyday routine in our ministry.

Pastor Glenn Keen is the spiritual head that oversees the relationships that are built between our ministry and parents. He is the Financial Manager who ensures the ministry has every need met.

Joy Explosion Christian Academy opens its door in 1980 and has strived to keep and improve with each year. The Academy is small in number as our belief that one on one teaching increases mastery.

The Academy currently accept Step Up for Students, FTC scholarship and the Family Empowerment Scholarship (FES)

Standardized testing is performed each year.

Phone number is 386-752-6627./ 386-867-0749
Pastor Glenn Keen - 386-867-0156
Please leave a message if no answer.
Email: jeca3134@yahoo.com